ConforMIS Knee Replacement Peoria IL

ConforMIS Knee Replacement Peoria IL
ConforMIS knee replacement Peoria IL

Offering ConforMIS Knee Replacement Peoria IL Patients Need

Customization is at the heart of knee replacement surgery these days. Dr. Richard Driessnack uses the ConforMIS system for knees because after much research, he has concluded this is the best custom solution on the market. As the key to ensuring a proper fit and long-lasting results, customized knee replacement uses state of the art materials and techniques to achieve success. Thus, ConforMIS specializes in knee replacements custom tailored to each patient, due to advanced imaging software that designs new implants based on the shape of the patient’s knees. Many aging adults choose knee replacement surgery to relieve their joint pain and restore mobility.  Dr. Driessnack in Peoria IL has the customized ConforMIS knee Peoria IL patients want.

Dr. Driessnack is a specialist in knee and hip replacement, attending national hip and knee meetings each year. In fact, he has participated in a multi-center national clinical study comparing two types of knee prosthesis designs. He then presented those findings at an international meeting.

About ConforMIS Knee Replacement

ConforMIS implants, including the iTotal, iUni and iDuo, are FDA-approved. The femoral and tibial components are composed of a cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy, commonly used in orthopedic implants. The tibial and patellar inserts are constructed of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) or vitamin-e infused UHMWPE. Your doctor can go over the specifics for the type of implant best for you. These custom knees meet coverage requirements under the same insurance reimbursement codes as off-the-shelf implants.

ConforMIS Knee Replacement Peoria IL

Custom knee implants for both the femur and tibia are individual to your unique anatomy. Because they fit the knee’s natural shape and curves at the point of manufacture, these implants fit the individual perfectly with no chance for compromises such as overhang and underhang. Optimizing the size, shape and fit of the implants should improve clinical results.

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