Custom Hip Replacement Peoria IL

Custom Hip Replacement Peoria IL
Custom Hip Replacement Peoria IL

Custom Hip Replacement Peoria IL Patients Will Feel Good About

Older adults often live with chronic pain in their hips, whether due to past injury or just old age. Oftentimes, hip replacement is the only way to restore their former mobility, comfort and quality of life. For custom hip replacement Peoria IL patients can feel good about, choose Dr. Richard Driessnack MD in Peoria IL. He utilizes custom solutions to fit the needs of his patients, putting reliability and long-term success at the forefront.

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

This is a procedure whereby a surgeon surgically removes a painful hip joint that has been damaged by arthritis and replaces it with an artificial joint. Hip replacement is usually a last-ditch effort when all other treatment options have failed to relieve pain. As a specialist in knee and hip replacement, you can rely on Dr. Driessnack to deliver top-notch results. Not only is he highly trained and educated in hip replacement, he immerses himself in the latest technologies so as to offer the best options to his patients. Within a year or two it is expected that customized hip replacement will be available, designed to more accurately position the cup and stem/ball assembly so as to decrease failures of Hip Replacement even more, and improve patient satisfaction.

Rest assured, Dr. Driessnack puts his patients’ comfort and security first. That’s why you’ll always know what’s going on, what the surgery will entail, what to expect afterwards and what the recovery time is.

Custom Hip Replacement Peoria IL


Hip replacement surgery has several benefits, including:

  • Pain reduction
  • Increased mobility
  • Better ease of motion
  • Higher quality of life

Custom hip implants are individually sized and shaped to fit the patient’s unique anatomy. That’s because personalized systems offer many advantages over “off-the-shelf” implants that can require on-the-fly surgical adjustments. Custom joints, on the other hand, already come pre-specified to the patient’s anatomy. This is designed to prevent problems such as component malpositioning, and restoration of individual normal soft tissue tension, thus decreasing risks of failure.

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