Custom Joint Peoria IL

Custom Joint Peoria IL
custom joint Peoria IL

Custom Joint Peoria IL Can Rely on for Many Years

Reliability is at the forefront of many surgeries, and joint replacement is no different. That’s why custom joint replacement is so important rather than an “off-the-shelf” solution that might not work as well for the unique attributes of the individual. Many aging adults require joint replacements in order to restore their mobility and quality of life. Thus, they may need a hip replacement or they may need a knee replacement — sometimes both. Dr. Richard Driessnack MD in Peoria IL uses custom solutions to fit the needs of his patients. Through the use of customized joints such as ConforMIS, he can ensure a proper fit and long-lasting positive results. So, choose Dr. Richard Driessnack for a custom joint Peoria IL patients can rely on for many years.

What is a Joint Replacement?

In essence, a joint replacement involves the removal of the damaged joint (often by arthritis) and replacement with a device called a prosthesis. This prosthesis is designed to mimic natural movement of a healthy joint. As a specialist in knee and hip replacement, Dr. Driessnack is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. Plus, he’s a Michigan native who has spent much of his career practicing in Peoria IL, trained in the latest state of the art techniques available for joint replacement.

Custom Joint Peoria IL

Custom joint implants, whether for knee or hip, are individually sized and shaped to fit the patient’s unique anatomy. Personalized systems offer many potential advantages over the standard “off-the-shelf” implants in that surgical adjustments might not be as necessary. Custom joints already come pre-specified to the patient’s anatomy, preventing compromises that may include implant overhang, underhang, poor fit, or “non-anatomic” motion, which may not only feel un-natural, but could be painful.

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