Custom Knee Replacement Surgery Peoria IL

Custom Knee Replacement Surgery Peoria IL
custom knee replacement surgery Peoria IL

Custom Knee Replacement Surgery Peoria IL Can Depend On

Designed as a solution for most cases of osteoarthritis of the knee, custom knee replacement is a key factor in long-term successful mobility and pain-free living. It’s a fact that many aging adults require knee replacements in order to restore their mobility and quality of life. How your knee implant is designed can make all the difference. Dr. Richard Driessnack, specialist in knee and hip replacement in Peoria IL, knows this. Also, he knows that customized treatment is the key to ensuring a proper fit and positive long-term results. For custom knee replacement surgery Peoria IL can depend on, Dr. Richard Driessnack is your first choice.

Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, he has made it his life’s mission to train in the latest state of the art techniques available on knee replacement. As such, he uses customized knee implants, such as ConforMIS, which fit each patient’s body.

Custom Knee Replacement Surgery Peoria IL

Why Customization for Total Knee Surgery?

Like Personalized Medicine, custom knee implants are designed to reduce the chances for failure or compromise, providing a “best match” solution for arthritic knees. Customized solutions like ConforMIS fit the knee’s natural shape and curves thanks to 3D imaging. As a result, the patient enjoys an individualized fit as part of a system designed for optimal bone preservation.

Personalized systems offer many advantages over the standard “off-the-shelf” knee implants that are not designed with the patient’s anatomy in mind. Those cookie-cutter implants may require adjustments during surgery to ensure the implant fits the patient correctly. However, they don’t exactly match the patient’s body. Our customized solutions do.

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