Custom Partial Knee Peoria IL

Custom Partial Knee Peoria IL
Custom Partial Knee Peoria IL

Custom Partial Knee Peoria IL Can Count On for Years

Wouldn’t it feel great to get back to your normal active routine? Has pain sidelined your ability to walk, hike, play tennis or just run around with your grandchildren? We can help. Dr. Driessnack specializes in custom partial knee replacement which you can count on for many years of improved quality of life. You may have wondered what the differences are between partial and total knee replacement. Partial knee surgery is different from total in that just a part of the knee needs to be replaced rather than all three compartments. With a partial knee replacement, the anterior cruciate ligament does not have to be removed, which many surgeons feel can result in a more normal-feeling knee than a total knee replacement. With a partial, there is less disruption of the sensory neurological pathways, thus, this isolated procedure is quicker and results in a reduced recovery time.

Advantages of Custom Partial Knee in Peoria IL

Chances are, you may know friends and family members who had to get a total knee replacement. You may have seen the long recovery time that goes with it. But, you may qualify for just a partial. Only an x ray and an examination with your doctor can say for sure.

If you have suffered from knee pain for years due to injury, arthritis or trauma, a partial knee may be just what you need. A custom partial knee is even better because it’s fit to your exact anatomy.

Custom Partial Knee Peoria IL

View the many benefits of a partial vs. total knee including:

  • Smaller incision
  • Less need for soft tissue dissection
  • Less loss of blood
  • Not as many early complications
  • Decreased time spent in the hospital
  • Possible out-patient procedure
  • Faster recovery time
  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Increased range of overall motion
  • Higher patient satisfaction with outcomes

Dr. Driessnack has been trained in working with custom solutions as well as off-the-shelf products. A custom partial knee can provide you with years of increased mobility and quality of life. It’s about time!

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