Custom Partial Knee

Custom Partial Knee
Custom Partial Knee

Specializing in Custom Partial Knee Surgery

Dr. Driessnack specializes in custom partial knee surgery in and around Peoria IL. Partial knee surgery is different from total in that just a part of the knee needs to be replaced. Essentially, this affects only one compartment of the knee; a total knee replacement affects all three compartments. A partial knee replacement isn’t as invasive as a total, plus it doesn’t have such a long recovery time. With a partial, the anterior cruciate ligament is not removed. Additionally, there is less disruption of the sensory neurological pathways. As a result, this isolated procedure is quicker and results in a reduced recovery time, less pain, less swelling and a knee that feels better than a total knee replacement.

Advantages of Custom Partial Knee

As your trusted source for custom total knee replacements, Dr. Driessnack specializes in partial knee replacement using the state of the art system called ConforMIS, which is a truly customized system that guarantees the best fit and function. Older adults who want to relieve knee pain that they’ve been living with for years may opt for this surgery. Thus, pain can result from injury, arthritis or trauma. Not every adult is a candidate for partial knee; some must have the whole knee replaced. But sometimes, only a small part of the knee can be replaced and great pain relief achieved.

Consequently, there are many benefits of a partial vs. total knee including:

  • Smaller incision
  • Less need for soft tissue dissection
  • Less loss of blood
  • Not as many early complications
  • Decreased time spent in the hospital
  • Possible to do as out-patient procedure
  • Faster recovery time
  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Increased range of overall motion
  • Finally, higher patient satisfaction with outcomes

Dr. Driessnack chooses to work with custom solutions rather than off-the-shelf products that can’t guarantee a perfect fit. As a result, a custom partial knee can provide you with years of increased mobility and quality of life. So, imagine doing all the things you haven’t been able to for so many years!

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