Custom Total Joint in Peoria IL

Custom Total Joint in Peoria IL
Custom Total Joint in Peoria IL

Custom Total Joint in Peoria IL: Long-Lasting Function and Comfort

Reliability, form, function and long-term success: this is what you want out of your custom total joint in Peoria IL. Dr. Richard Driessnack specializes in both hip and knee replacement – a leader in his field when it comes to custom total joint surgery. He believes custom joint replacement is more effective than an “off-the-shelf” solution that doesn’t work for all the unique attributes of the individual. If you are getting older and can’t live daily life without pain, you may be a good candidate for a custom total joint replacement. Total joint replacement involves replacing all components of the joint, while a partial joint replacement only involves one component.

Regardless of which one you may need, a joint replacement can do wonders in restoring your mobility and quality of life. Through the use of customized joints such as ConforMIS, Dr. Driessnack can ensure a proper fit and long-lasting results that follow you throughout the years.

Custom Total Joint Peoria IL

What is a Custom Total Joint Replacement?

In essence, a joint replacement involves the removal of the damaged joint (often by arthritis) and replacement with a device called a prosthesis. This prosthesis is designed to restore natural movement of a healthy joint. As a specialist in knee and hip replacement, Dr. Driessnack has spent much of his career practicing in Peoria IL, trained in the latest state of the art techniques available.

Custom joint implants, whether for knee or hip, fit the individual through customized options. Thanks to CT scans with 3D imaging, an accurate portrayal of the contours of the joint helps in the creation of the prostheses. Engineers design the implants to provide the best fit in surgery, and the polyethylene tibial inserts for the knee fit most accurately against the femoral components by this process. This reduces the chance of adjustments that need to be made in surgery, as well as decreases the poorer results or failures later on. As a result, the percentage of very satisfied people after full recovery is higher with the custom knee.

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