Custom Total Knee Peoria IL

Custom Total Knee Peoria IL
custom total knee Peoria IL

Offering Custom Total Knee Peoria IL Patients are Looking For

Dr. Driessnack is your source for custom total knee replacements. He specializes in total knee replacement using the state of the art system called ConforMIS, which is a truly customized system that guarantees the best fit and function. Older adults who want to relieve knee pain that they’ve been living with for years may opt for this surgery. Pain can result from injury, arthritis or trauma. So, if you need a knee replacement, the best solution might be a custom total knee Peoria IL patients are looking for.

The technical term for knee replacement is arthroplasty. This surgical procedure involves resurfacing a knee and reconstructing the features of a natural joint with an artificial one. Thus, Dr. Driessnack often chooses to work with custom solutions rather than off-the-shelf products that can’t guarantee a perfect fit. ConforMIS, a custom knee implant for both the femur and tibia, is individually sized and shaped to fit your unique anatomy. These custom implants, approved by the FDA, are made of industry-standard metal alloys, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) or vitamin-e infused UHMWPE.

Benefits of Custom Total Knee

A custom total knee can provide you with years of increased mobility and quality of life. Imagine doing all the things you haven’t been able to for so long! There are many benefits of custom total knee replacement, including:

  • Pain relief
  • Improvement in joint operation
  • Restoration of daily activities
  • Customized fit based on your own anatomy
  • More rapid recovery, less blood loss, and less swelling
  • Finally, increased chances of total success
Custom Total Knee Peoria IL

So why are we such big fans of customization? Dr. Driessnack has been doing the ConforMIS custom knee since July 2015. Each implant is custom tailored for use in each patient, molded from a 3D model as the result of a CT scan. The iFit Image-to-Implant® software designs the patient-specific implants and instrumentation, then converts it to a 3D model. This occurs through mapping of the articular surface of the joint for a total custom implant and associated surgical instrumentation.

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