Partial Knee Replacement Peoria IL

Partial Knee Replacement Peoria IL
Partial Knee Replacement Peoria IL

Your Top Source for Partial Knee Replacement Peoria IL Can Trust

A partial knee replacement gives you years of increased mobility and quality of life. You don’t always need a total knee replacement. Only your doctor can let you know for sure, after meeting with you and taking x rays. Dr. Driessnack is your local specialist when it comes to undergoing partial knee replacement Peoria IL can trust. He will go over all the details about partial knee replacement. In a nutshell, this type of surgery is different from total in that just a part of the knee needs to be replaced. Because this affects only one compartment of the knee rather than all three compartments with a total knee, you enjoy a less invasive surgery.

Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement

Not sure if a partial knee is right for you? This will require a discussion with your doctor. We can tell you the many benefits of a partial knee, including:

  • Less need for soft tissue dissection
  • Smaller incision
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less loss of blood
  • Not as many early complications
  • Decreased time spent in the hospital
  • Quicker return to normal activities
  • Higher patient satisfaction with outcomes
  • Increased range of overall motion

As your trusted source for custom total knee replacements, Dr. Driessnack is happy to offer custom partial knee replacement using state of the art systems like ConforMIS. The end goal is to have the best fit and function for older adults who want to relieve knee pain caused by injury, arthritis or trauma.

Custom Partial Knee Peoria IL

The best part about a partial knee replacement is that it’s not as invasive as total. Plus, your recovery time is lessened. Now, you can get back to your active lifestyle in no time. Additionally, with a partial, the cruciate ligament is not removed, with little disruption of the neurological pathways. This isolated procedure gets you back to your regular routine faster than a total knee.

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