Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Total Hip Replacement Surgery
Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Hip
Replacement Surgery

A total hip replacement, also known as total hip arthroplasty, involves removing the damaged bone and cartilage and replacing them with prosthetic components. More specifically, the surgeon removes the damaged femoral head and replaces it with a metal stem in the hollow center of the femur, a new ball on this stem, and a new socket in the pelvic bone. This surgery is done to alleviate chronic pain in the hip. Older adults often live with debilitating pain in their hips that prevents them from enjoying life to the fullest. They can’t walk with ease and they feel pain every day, whether due to past injury or just old age. Oftentimes, hip replacement is the only way to restore their former mobility, comfort and quality of life. For total hip replacement surgery you can trust, come to Dr. Richard Driessnack, M.D.

About Total Hip Replacement Surgery

This procedure replaces all components of a hip rather than just some. A joint that has been damaged by arthritis must be replaced with an artificial joint in order to restore mobility. As a specialist in knee and hip replacement, you can rely on Dr. Driessnack to deliver top-notch results. He is highly trained and educated in hip replacement, and immerses himself in the latest technologies so as to offer the best options to his patients.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Driessnack puts his patients’ comfort and security first. He will consult with you at length about the surgery so you know exactly what to expect. He’ll also go over the benefits of this type of surgery, which include:

  • Pain reduction
  • Increased mobility
  • Better ease of motion
  • Higher quality of life

Because they are individually sized to fit your unique anatomy, total hip replacements fit your body perfectly.  Dr. Driessnack uses an accurate digital technology templating system pre-operatively to plan your orthopaedic surgery, so the most accurate restoration of your hip mechanics can be accomplished. He uses a variety of different implants to maximize function and lifespan of the replacements, and to minimize complications.

Contact Us For Total Hip Replacement Surgery

If you suspect you may need total hip replacement surgery, contact Dr. Richard Driessnack, M.D. by filling out our contact form to schedule your consultation.

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